Welcome to iWantFuel.co.za.

iWantFuel.co.za changes the way Fuel and Lubricants are sourced and bought. It is a decentralized fuel sourcing system that eliminates all risks to customers and suppliers alike.

For years Fuel pricing depended on the customer’s monthly volumes and location. We changed just this. iWantFuel is a load for load system.

Fuel is usually one of the largest expenses for any company and in a lot of cases THE largest  - shopping for the best possible fuel price therefore makes business sense.

To put this into perspective. Every time you want to book a flight, don’t you shop around for the best price by making use of a website where you can compare prices and book the cheapest to get you from point A to Point B?

Fuel is no different ! - iWantFuel.co.za enables you to get the best price every single time you request fuel or lubricants.

By sourcing your fuel via iWantFuel.co.za your request goes out to multiple suppliers that will quote you – simply choose the best price – place order – pay and your fuel gets delivered

And most importantly - iWantFuel.co.za makes sure your money stays safe up until the point the fuel ordered is delivered

For iWantFuel to work for your business :

  • You need to order fuel in bulk (2000 litres and more)
  • You need storage tanks on site
  • Pay on a cash basis

Please feel free to contact us should you require more information.

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